Our consulting services simplify the complexity of implementing drone operations within your business. Whether you are at the early stages of thinking about how to use drones, looking to test your ideas or are ready to scale, partnering with Agilio provides you with the knowledge and experience you need at each step along the journey.

Concepts and Innovation Workshop – understand how to make drones work for your business

Discover – preparation and planning for drone operations

Validate – check that your policies and procedures work in the real world

Scale – effectively scaling and embedding drone operations within the business

Comply – keeping up to date with changes to regulation and legislation

Concepts and Innovation Workshop

Do you believe that there are potential opportunities to use drones within your business but need help understanding the technology and what you can and can’t do?

Many organisations don’t fully appreciate the wide range of uses where drones could deliver benefits. Our Concepts and Innovation Workshop provides an overview of drone technologies and an understanding of how drones could help your organisation reduce risks and deliver cost savings.

We cut through the jargon and explain what’s possible and most importantly help you decide whether drone operations are right for your business.

The first half of the session provides an overview of the regulations, drone technology, data processing including the types of outputs that can be produced and the implications of running a commercial drone operation.

With a better understanding of what’s possible, we then spend the second half of the session exploring potential uses of drone within your business.

At the end of the workshop you will understand how to make drones work for your business.


Implementing drones is the same as any other IT enabled business change programme but with the added complexity of aviation regulation thrown in. The biggest mistake we see organisations make at this stage is getting excited by the technology and forgetting about how to deliver successful projects.

During the Discovery phase we prepare the organisation ready to deploy drone operations:

  • Governance – it’s importance to get the governance right from day with  roles and responsibilities clearly defined 
  • Strategy – the approach for integrating drone operations into the business
  • Policy – new policies as well as changes to existing policies such as health and safety, data privacy and insurance liability
  • Operating model – drone operations can range from fully in-house to fully outsourced and hybrid models of everything in between
  • Business case – decision makers will want to see a well-balanced business case presenting the uses, costs, benefits and operating model
  • Deployment plan – a project plan for all the activities and deliverables that need to be completed ready for the first flight


We recommend piloting a couple of uses to start with to ensure that policies and procedures work in the real world. 

We would also recommend using external expertise as this facilitates knowledge transfer and enables the organisation to focus on getting the business change right rather than worrying about obtaining in-house Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). 

We can act as your PfCO operator carrying out the planning, risk assessment and piloting of the initial flights.  

Most importantly, we validate that the data captured during the flights can be processed to deliver the outputs and reports required by the business. This is a great opportunity to evaluate the different data processing solutions such as Pix4d and Agisoft before committing to a platform or outsourced data processing provider.


At this stage you now you have buy-in to scale drone operations across the organisation. We have a best practice approach that provides structure and clear roles and responsibilities to scale successfully. We provide effective project management to keep deployment on track and actively manage issues and risks:

  • Governance – ensuring accountability and compliance with the external regulations and in-house policies
  • Technology – technology doesn’t stop at choosing the right drones
  • Procurement – buying the right products and finding the right partners to work with
  • Training – flight training as well as any industry or technology specific requirements
  • Operational procedures – required to manage safe flights and demonstrate compliance to the CAA 
  • Change management – create enthusiasm and capitalise on any innovation that may lead to other potential uses
  • Benefits realisation – establish a simple but effective approach to demonstrating the return on investment delivered by the drone operations


The regulation, legislation and best practice around the use of drones is constantly evolving. 

As part of the evolution, the implications for non-compliance are becoming more significant with increased enforcement powers and greater penalties.

Running a drone operation is probably not going to become the core competence of your business. Our Assurance subscription service provides your organisation with updates to regulation and legislation and how they impact your policies and procedures.