We follow a rigorous approach to ensure safe and successful flights

We want to make sure using drones in your business is as straightforward as possible – we simplify the complexity of planning and delivering any aerial surveying project. 

We will carry out an initial review of your project to determine the feasibility – there are some basic checks we need to carry out to. Once we know the project is feasible, we will produce a scope of services and a proposal.

All projects require planning which includes a desktop survey, a preliminary risk assessment and ensuring the appropriate permissions have been obtained from landowners and air traffic control for some areas.

Once the necessary permissions have been received, we will agree provisional dates for carrying out the work based on your preferred dates and the forecast weather conditions. If the weather conditions do not look favourable, we may need to suggest alternative dates.

We will monitor weather conditions in the days leading up to the flying date will liaise with you if we need to find an alternative time.

On the day

When we arrive on site, we will carry out a site inspection and have a final briefing with you to confirm requirements and objectives of the mission.

It is the responsibility of the Remote Pilot to ensure that the take-off and landing sites are safe and that the weather conditions are suitable. Our pre-flight planning will have determined how many people we need on site to support the Remote Pilot and ensure a safe operation.

Once the operation has been completed, the Remote Pilot will agree with the client that all required footage has been obtained.

Our Approach


1. Understand requirments
2. Initial Validation
3. Confirm Scope and proposal


1.Desktop survey
2.Risk assessment
3.Obtain permissions


1.Onsite survey and risk assessment
2.Ground control points of required
3.Secure take off and landing area


1. Complete survey
2.Validate data captured


1.QA data captured
2.Produce required outputs
3.Produce reports


1.Final QA
2.Deliver outputs/reports
3.Client support